Error Updating OSMC

Hi guys,

I am having no luck updating my Pi2B+ to the latest OSMC.

I am still on OSMC 2017.10-1 as every subsequent update failed since.

Logs from the latest manual update attempted at

Could you let me know what is going wrong and how can i fix it please?

Thank you for your help

It looks like there might be a corrupt file that’s preventing the update to Debian stretch.

Try this:

sudo find /var/lib/apt/lists -type f -delete
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

If it works, you’ll soon know since it’ll need to download a few hundred megabytes to complete the upgrade.

Thank you. That helped.
After running the commands you suggested from my PC I went to my RPi and it seemed to be stuck on some updates.
“[OK] Started Updated UTMP about System Runlevel Changes.”
Waited for 20min but no progress.

After unplugin the Pi from power, on next reboot it did a successful update to Mar2018 OSMC version.

Thank you again!