Error when browsing info dialog actor list

Blockquote ‘Login exception [401] deleted_client’
‘the oauth client was deleted’…and becomes stuck in a loop upon attempting to exit.

I get the same when selecting an actor to see what other films of theirs I have.
I don’t use Youtube on this device. Do I still need to do all the API stuff?

Nope. The API issue is for the YouTube addon only. You can also only enter it there.

If you encounter a similar issue with a different service, it’s something different. When asking in which other movies an actor starred, your set movie scraper addon will ask its servers. Out of the box, that’s / TMDb. Please confirm you have this set as your movie scraper addon.

Maybe a mod will split this into a new thread. We’ll probably need a debug log from you to see what goes wrong when looking up other movies of an actor.

It seems my issue is related to my skin (Amber) which links to Youtube even though I don’t want it to. I have been advised on the kodi forum to update the skin via a gitHub link and then I will be able to remove the Youtube connection.

I updated to the latest on the OSMC repo but I can’t work out how to update the skin on the Vero 4k+ by using gitHub. Is there a guide? Or would someone mind helping me?

Download the skin from github as zip file. The under Setting System allow installation from unsecure source
Then on Settings -> Add on -> Install from ZIP

Thanks @fzinken . Worked perfectly!