Error while ripping CD audio

I am trying to rip a CD audio, with AAC encoder, but it only rips 2 minutes of firts track, and then exits. Thsi is the error I found in the log:

09:26:19.813 T:1166013184   ERROR: CCurlFile::FillBuffer - Failed: Timeout was reached(28)
09:41:24.957 T:1448080128   ERROR: CDDARipper: Error ripping cdda://local/01.cdda
09:48:59.384 T:1886384896   ERROR: Previous line repeats 1 times.
09:48:59.384 T:1886384896  NOTICE: CAESinkPi:AddPackets Underrun (delay:0.00 frames:2205)

Just a thought but maybe the discs are encrypted ?

It’s CD Audio. I can normally rip it with iTunes. In addition, it starts ripping, but stops after a while with that error.

Is the drive powered via a hub or separate power supply, or by the Pi? If by the Pi then it’s probably a power problem and the drive will need it’s own power.

Nope. The drive has is own power and it plays fine audio CDs and movie DVDs.

Ripping runs the drive at faster speed than plain playback, so it could still be a power issue. Or, the disc could be flawed…regular playback ignores errors (and small ones you won’t even see), but ripping requires no errors in reads. I have a BluRay disc that plays with no visible flaws in my BluRay player, but has a couple of un-readable sectors in the middle of the main movie when I try to rip it.

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Not a power issue, as it is on its own power supply. If it’s a problem of sectors, I can’t understand why I can rip the CD with iTunes…

Some rippers are fussier than others. Is the problem confined to this one disc?

No, everyone. It always stops during first track, after around a couple of minutes.

I have tried all audio encoders and I can rip the CD audio with the FLAC encoder only.
All the others are giving errors.

Is there any way to let it rip in mp3 format (lame)? Only FLAC is working on my system. All other encoders stop at first track with no other errors than this:

09:54:43.284 T:1436115712 ERROR: CDDARipper: Error ripping cdda://local/01.cdda
09:59:57.035 T:1664086784 ERROR: Previous line repeats 1 times.
09:59:57.035 T:1664086784 NOTICE: file cdda: Read EoF

Any help?