Error with Channel Groups from multiple PVR setup

It seems OSMC has an error with the channel group feature when using multiple PVRs/

I have TVH running for OTA channels and PVR IPTV Simple Client running to connect to the streaming cable service I subscribe to.

TVH creates channel groups based on the web UI. iPTV creates groups based on a .m3u8 file.

It seems that when both are loaded, I get only the All Channels group and none of the other dozed groups. Interestingly enough, the same setup with the exact same m3u8 file works flawlessly on a Windows 10 machine running Kodi 19.1

The logs have been sanitized of any personally identifiable information.

Can you post the build version of Kodi v19 on Windows?



It is an interesting error. I removed several channel groups and now the ones I kept are all there.

Windows 10 KODI Info
Build: 19.1 (19.1.0)
Git: 20210508-85e05228b4
Compiled 2021-05-08