Escaping from Kodi to OSMC

Rasp pi 3b. LibreELEC. 9.2.6 (kernel 4.19.127)

Kodi was working fine for a couple of months then suddenly lost all networking access. Apparently I can’t remediate network on Kodi - requires OSMC CLI. But i cant get to OSMC. Googling tells me to ‘exit’ instead of shutting down - but I dont have an exit option on Power. Also suggests SSH - but I’m not network connected (wifi or ethernet). How to i get to OSMC and repair (well short of reinstalling)?

Cheers and thanks in advance.


Sounds like you’re running LibreELEC, which is a different system to OSMC.
You won’t be able to access anything OSMC related because you are running a different operating system.

OSMC is an operating system, not a program. OSMC runs Kodi. See the first question here: Frequently Asked Questions - General - OSMC.

duh … sorry about that … problem resolved (On Libre)… thnks