ESPN Addon - Playing Video Crashes OSMC

Not sure if this is an addon or an osmc issue. I dont see anything useful in the Kodi log, but playing a video on the SlyGuy ESPN addon immediately crashes OSMC (sad face). I am using a brand new RPi4.

Well last entry in the Kodi Logs point to inputstream. Does it work for other Addons using inputstream.adaptive (e.g. youtube)? Is your inputstream Adaptive Addon correctly configured?

2023-08-11 20:00:26.822 T:1005     info <general>: AddOnLog: inputstream.adaptive: Successfully parsed manifest file (Periods: 2, Streams in first period: 2, Type: live)
2023-08-11 20:00:26.822 T:1005    debug <general>: AddOnLog: inputstream.adaptive: New period, dispose sample decrypter and reinitialize
2023-08-11 20:00:26.822 T:1005    debug <general>: AddOnLog: inputstream.adaptive: Entering encryption section
Aug 11 20:00:26 MCTV-SONY sudo[750]: pam_unix(sudo:session): session closed for user osmc
Aug 11 20:00:26 MCTV-SONY mediacenter[417]: /usr/bin/mediacenter: line 149:   750 Segmentation fault      sudo -u osmc LIRC_SOCKET_PATH=/var/run/lirc/lircd $KODI --standalone -fs
Aug 11 20:00:26 MCTV-SONY mediacenter[417]: Kodi exited with return code 139 after 0 hours, 5 minutes and 32 seconds
Aug 11 20:00:38 MCTV-SONY mediacenter[417]: Starting Kodi...

Tried reinstalling any inputstream addons, reset configs to default, reinstalled espn. Same error. Also tried another clean osmc install with the same error.

However, updated from the 2023.06.01 to 2023.07.01 release and now its working perfectly. Not sure what was up w/ the 06 release, but seems solved in 07.

Only reason i went with the older release was because my other OSMC boxes are all on that version and they share a SQL database. Guess I’ll just have to upgrade them.

FYI you only need them to be on the same major Kodi version (ie v20.x) for a shared MySQL database.