ESPN3 Addon not working

It’s a brand new install of 2015.06-1 on an RPi2 with both MPEG2 and VC-1 codec licenses installed. I go to Video Addons and select the ESPN3 addon and choose install. Everything seems to go ok (2 or 3 other Addons are installed as well… i guess dependencies). However, when i open the Addon and choose anything (Live, Last 10 days, etc…), i get an error message about an error with a script.

kodi log file:

any ideas?

well… i found this

not sure i follow since ESPN3 doesn’t require a valid provider account or espn.go account, that is, anyone can go to and choose a stream from espn3 and start watching… just did it.

So i’m still confused as to what’s going on.

Seems like a shitty addon (code) to start with but my guess is that you can find a hint at their thread on kodi forums

@Toast, yeah, i couldn’t glean anything useful from that thread. Being a new Kodi/OSMC user, i’m just now beginning to figure out what entity is responsible for what code/app/addon. I agree, i need to be reading through and posting to the kodi forums for this issue.

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Do you need the codecs? I thought the codecs were only for local playback.

My assumption is that the codecs are needed for playback of ANY file that is compressed/coded in that format.

Really? Because I was just playing a .MOV file on my pi. But, I can’t play MP4, m4v, avi, or any other type of video file.

Everything you name are container formats and not codecs.
Decoding videos (regardless if they are stored locally or streamed) would require the licence keys if they are encoded in MPEG2 or VC1

Would this include gdrive plugin videos?

Not sure what you mean with gdrive plugin.
But as long as the codec is one of the two mentioned of either the video file or stream it would be required.

It’s about $5 for both codecs, if you want a true Media Center then buy the codecs.

Gdrive plugin:

It plays videos, photos, and music from your Google Drive.

What do the codecs do? I know they obviously decide files, but why get them? Sorry for my bad questions, but I have just started OSMC.

Ok so that plugin will just “transfer” the video from gdrive to OSMC which then would decode it.
So as mentioned depending on the codec used on your video files you might require the licence

CODEC = enCOder/DECoder note the capitals. Codecs are what are used to turn the bits in the file to watchable video and audio. Gdrive videos will use whatever they use depending on how the file was written as all videos will. mpeg2 is a common codec that is used in a lot of videos see here So: what can I do with those video codecs? - Raspberry Pi
Save yourself some headaches and just get the codecs from here

The formats covered by the sold codecs are copyrighted and that is why you have to pay to use them. The RaspberryPi Foundation decided to sell them separately instead of putting them in the purchase price to keep the Pi as low cost as possible

ok, thanks, that helped a lot.