Estuary - It's possible to Add customs voices on InfoMedia?

i thinks there’s possibly to custom voices to currently Estuary Skin. It’s only need to add the DialogFullScreenInfo.xml located in /usr/share/kodi/addons/skin.estuary/xml.

I tryed to add a “newest” square or somethigs like a label everywhere whit indicated the exact resolution of video but at every updates of osmc every modification to this files it’s be lost by himself updates.

On “userdata” folders there’s a “Keymap” folder how we can store some .xml files for override the default files… it’s possible to obtain somethigs similar here ?

I’m not sure what you mean by voices. Do you mean sounds?

It’s not possible to append part of a skin, because when we release an update it would be overwritten. However I believe it is possible to use another skin’s sounds with a different skin. So you could in theory create a dummy skin and just add the sounds you want to use.

mmmmmm… when i say voices… try to explain:
During a reproduction it’s possibly to open the “MediaInfo” bar… now it’s be showed the current channel of audio… the current video codec… the current aspectration of video etc. etc.

I have found some info about this DialogFullScreenInfo.xml it’s possible to add some “addictional” usefull value insted of currently default estuary skin like the exact video resolution.

Meanwhile i also thinks it’s not possibly to create a alternative xml files like i do for remote.xml files (on “keymap” folder) and i thinks it’s a good alternative to create a dummy skin (for example i can create a copy of “skin.estuary” and i thinks i can make all my modification here…

you thinks it’s be ok and this solution can be work ?

I think you mean that when you pause the video, you want to see whether it’s in 5.1 etc or not. Unfortunately it’s a choice of the skin designer not to do this with Estuary, but if you have a previous skin that did this, it may work with Krypton.

yeah it’s similars…but during the reproduction… using the “Mediainfo” remote button…
I have found on internet… look this screenshot:

Look the info showing… i like to be know it’s possibly to add addictional voices to info bar like this…

I think this is skin specific and needs to be taken up with the skin developer.

mmmmmmmm… or try to ask directly on section on main kodi forums right :slight_smile: