Estuary + Vero 4k = gui stutter?

Hi Everyone,

I have a Vero 4k, bought it to replace an old Intel Nuc to get 4k support. It is working well, and playing everything I throw at it. However the only annoyance I have is using the Estuary skin there is stutter transitioning menu’s after the Vero has been powered on for a few hours, even when nothing is playing. The default OSMC skin works fine, and then if I switch back to Estuary the gui is smooth for another few hours.

Is there some setting that I am missing?
Am I just being too picky?


I have experienced the same issues with the Estuary skin, runs smoothly after a reboot, but after a while it gets sluggish until next reboot.

Wasn’t aware of this — does it happen with other skins?


Don’t know about other skins, I have only used the Estuary skin.
I have another issue as well, but have decided to wait for the Leia update and make a clean install, and if the issues is still there, i was planning to make a post here.
The only thing I can say is that is both on the Vero 4K and 4K+

Well not with OSMC skin

Encountering this also with Mimic skin. So far, I didnt find out why is this happening. Maybe Sam will clarify in time.

Clarify what in time?
If you think there is a problem then provide debug enabled logs from when you experience the issue.

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Well, I am encountering it for long time and it was just not so annoying for me to start solving it. Just todays discovered someone with similar problem :slight_smile:

I meant that Sam knows lot more than anyone other, how stuff works under the hood. So maybe he can say something if he got time to look at it.
You true with the logs.

Unfortunately I don’t have any real idea as to why this would occur specifically with Estuary. It’s possible there’s some memory leak due to textures not being freeded properly.

There have been a number of improvements to the skin and the skinning engine, so you may notice that this issue is resolved when we release Kodi v18 shortly.


I will wait for Kodi v18, if it still an issue I will put up some debug logs.