ETA on The RC release

any estimated time when we can expect the RC to be released?

Not yet known,you can monitor the building process at if you find it interesting :wink:

cant see why its still being built as the final version was supposed to be released yesterday why say a release date if your not sure better off saying nothing until its time

If Sam was to rush it and release what could be a buggy mess just so he could meet his own deadline then you would be in here complaining about it.

So Sam takes his time to ensure that everything works, and everything is stable etc etc and you complain about it not being released on time…

So, what do you want,
A potential buggy mess or something that works?

Oh and @aberboy77, I’m still waiting for you to provide those debug logs…

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Good reply, i am also eagerly waiting for the RC. But let Sam finish the job first :slight_smile:

im not complaining guys just cant see the point in saying a release date unless its a sure thing for release that’s all :smile: im happy with raspbmc and have been for a long time :smile:

With the way that Open Source stuff works, there is no way to have 100% certain about a release date.

@cansa I think my problems are sound related I have iqaudio dac with rpi video is choppy when dac is selected when I change sound to analogue all is well I need to play with sound settings I have my pi and dac attached to an old technics sc eh780 so im gonna have a play around with all the settings etc etc