Ethernet to WiFi tethering not handing out IP addresses

I’m running OSMC 11-2 on a raspberry PI 2 model B. I have recently gotten a network adapter that is compatible, - a Linksys wireless-g 2.4 GHz - and the network is visible to my devices. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be getting IP addresses, the android just keeps waiting for IP, and the iPhone fails outright, “could not connect to network” I have edited connman to change the line to yes, any ideas on why DHCP isn’t functioning?

Without debug logs, no.

Im very new to OSMC, what is the best way to access the logs? I have looked, but i have not been able to find the logs for tethering

The system journal is the main log that would be important for a tethering issue.

Btw, are you sure it’s not just a DNS IP address that is not being given out ? If so you need to edit /etc/connman.prefs and enable the dns proxy. (set it to yes, save and reboot)

Yes, I did edit connman.prefs. I checked it again, and yes it is changed to yes i can’t get the logs right now, I’m at work, but I can get them when I get home later, thanks for your help, by the way!

out of curiosity, could this be a problem with the adapter, or is it definitely with the firmware? also, in the past, I attempted to install HostAPD, could this cause the problem im having? I have also been having trouble accessing the logs, can i do it from OSMC? Or do I need to SSH in?


You can do it from OSMC. (From memory), I think it is: myOSMC >> Logs >> upload. Then you receive a url to the logs you just uploaded.