Evemu-record not recognizing my egalax 7 inch touch screen

Hi. evemu-record is not recognizing my egalax 7 inch touch screen. But lsusb does recognize it. Is there steps I am missing? We are following this tutorial (http://markamc.traki-iski.co.uk/raspberry-pi-2-osmc-egalax-touchscreen/). We have also tried pretty much every tutorial on the internet. Help would be much appreciated! We have been trying to get this to work for months! No joke

Raspberry pi 2
egalax 7 inch touch screen
OSMC Version: 2015.06.-1
Also tried RC1, RC2 and RC3

Please guys. One at a time. Not all at once! So may suggestions lol


There are no easy solutions for egalax touchscreens as you can see…

So you’ve been trying to get it working for months yet expect a solution in 6 hours before bumping your thread again ? :wink:

What you are trying to do is a very niche use case and although theoretically possible is not something any of the OSMC devs have spent or can really spend time working on. (and don’t have the hardware to test with anyway)

There are thousands of pieces of hardware out there in the world that you can potentially connect to a Raspberry Pi, a large percentage of them will require specific driver and/or software support in the operating system to make them work, which is an impossible task for a few people to accomplish particularly when it is not the focus of the project.

Most raspberry Pi touch screens also require X-Windows (for example the desktop environment in Raspbian) to function, and OSMC does not have or use X-Windows - for those particular touch screens you are doomed from the beginning.

There is at least one touch screen that is reputed to work in OSMC with a bit of work spent setting it up, if you search the forum you should be able to find a discussion on this, but the OSMC devs can’t offer any direct support on how this might be accomplished.


Way too late, nevertheless.
I agree, it is niche, the rpi is niche atm, it’s a great way to try stuff and encourage others to try too. I feel it might be better to suggest that the OP to contact the info source before providing a glib response.

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