Even with Force RGB now get multicolour snow on vero 4k, since 24 Dec update

I use an hdmi switchbox, which used to need “Force RGB” to show proper colours with my Dell 1080p monitor.

On the 24th Dec, I loaded an update, and now:

1- “Force RGB” makes no difference to the colours, whether it is enabled or disabled.

2- If I boot Vero 4K then turn on the monitor, colours are fine, but if I turn off the monitor, and turn it on again, the screen is now multicolour snow (not moving snow; zany multicoloured stationary dots).

The problem goes away if I remove the switchbox, but I would like to use it like when “Force RGB” used to work.

I normally leave the Vero 4K powered up all the time, just turning the monitor on and off. Now I need to switch the vero off every time, and play with the power supply to cycle the mains.

Can you let us know what update you installed on 24/12? The December update was released on 31/12; so it would be good to know what you installed.

What is the switch box? Have you tried a different cable from the switch box to the monitor?


Hi Sam, the switchbox is a chinese 4 input 2 output HDMI switchbox with audio decode to stereo RCA plugs. I use it to switch between the Vero4k and a dvd player. My monitor has a single DVI-D connector, which implements HDCP.

I believe the cables are fine, the plugs are all a very tight fit, and pushed fully home. I will buy a spare hdmi lead and try that.

The 24th Dec update loaded: vero364-image-3.14.29-126-osmc and on Jan the 1st image version 134 was installed. Both versions have the same behaviour. Previous versions have been purged. 134 is the running version.

I have added no plugins, there are only what came with the osmc install.

Can you please post some logs when you do and when you don’t experiencing these artefacts?