Everytime i switch with my remote to OMSC, OSMC crashes


im using a pi2 with a IR remote receiver. It works very well.

The only thing thats sucks is, that when i switch from playstation to the oscm HDMI singal, i see the sad smiley and osmc reboots.
After the reboot everything works fine.

Andy idea how to solve this ?


This does seem to be usual behaviour, debugging logs showing the issue; would help.

Thanks Tom.

hey, thanks for your answer, this is the log



There is a lot of cec errors, which suggests this flag hdmi_ignore_cec=1; in config.txt isn’'t working as expected:

hdmi_ignore_cec Pretends CEC is not supported at all by TV. No CEC functions will be supported.



If you remove this flag, is the issue still producible?

Thanks Tom.