Experience with OSMC install

Just want to bring up my experience with the April OSMC install. I do not need support. Install was done on a Raspberry Pi 2. I have a Sony 4K tv. The install goes fine on the tv. Fills out the screen. If I do not change the resolution, it boots to 640x480. I found the article about changing the config file. I could of done something wrong. I’m a newbie to this stuff. Anyway, I put in the recommended settings through SSH. This time it booted to 480P Analog.

The solution for me was right after the install, to go into the classic Kobi gui, change the resolution. The resolution right after the install was set to Desktop. I changed it to 1920x1080. Everything works fine now. No issue on reboots. No issue turning off the tv. I went and checked the config file in OSMC and it appears to have not changed. I guess Kobi changes the resolution in a different location?


If the Pi boots in 640x480 it means your TV is not sending any EDID data over HDMI to report what modes it supports.

So either your HDMI cable is faulty or there is a problem with the TV, or the TV was not powered on first. I would try a different HDMI cable and also power the TV right down and back on again (at the wall) then reboot the Pi.

This can also happen if you try to boot the Pi when the TV is not fully powered on yet - in this case there is a workaround that can be used in config.txt for this.

I think the issue is your OS can’t handle a TV with Google built-in. Maybe someone will get a Sony tv one day with built-in Android. I shouldn’t have to update config files to get this to work. And yes Android does stay booted up when the tv is off. That’s not going to change. HDMI cable? That’s a bit of a reach isn’t it? But I tried several cables and it made no difference. A 4k tv with Android Built-In…Does anyone have one? I’m not shutting down Android every time I turn the tv off.

I will check back every so often and see if someone has fixed this problem. None of the other OS’s have an issue. I want to use OSMC. Thanks…

Use something else then. Without logs, we can’t speculate what the issue is, but it’s unlikely to be OSMC and more akin to something with your setup.

Your symptoms are typical of a bad HDMI cable or, if you have an AVR, a slow EDID read between the display → AVR → device chain.

People are using 4K Sony TVs with Android and OSMC.