Exploring VPN How do I enable scramble option

I am using OSMC on Vero 4K and have installed IPVanish. I am now trying to understand a bit more and notice that other systems using IPVanish have GUIs which make it easy to select options including the “scramble” option.

The underlying application is all cases is openVPN and this is what I have running on my Vero 4K but there is no GUI, which I assume is a proprietary add on from IPVanish and I cannot find the option for scrambling. I expect it is referred to as a filter or such but can anybody shine some light on how I can enable this please?


Its not enabled in the official openvpn packages:

You probably need to build from source to enable it.

Thanks Tom.

You could build OpenVPN with the Tunnelblick patch, which runs only to five patch files, but you’d need to know what XOR cipher string IPVanish uses. That said, its main use is to try to disguise the fact that you’re using OpenVPN, rather than to improve OpenVPN’s security. Apparently, it isn’t effective getting past the Chinese “Great Firewall”.

Hi Tom and dillthedog and many thanks for the very interesting post which explains more of the theory and options behind the ipvanish literature. As I am not a coder I am not even going to try patches. Just trying to understand what is going on and where the processing takes place.
The article you referenced does beg the question of using Tor and security tuned operating system on a Vero or RPi. I think this is well OT for OSMC forum but just a thought.
Thanks again,

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