Export / Import Library - Missing Artwork

I have a Pi 3 that I use with OSMC to watch movies and TV. I’ve made another media centre with a spare Pi2 I had lying round.

I exported my video library (to a single file) and imported it onto the other Pi. I then coped my movies from my 2TB HDD to another identical 2TB HDD and added it as a source to the second Pi that matched up with the imported library settings. All good, movies play no probs.

However only some of the Movie artwork and information has been scraped. A lot of it is missing.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to re-scrape the artwork and movie info without loosing the imported library settings? I only ask because I keep my library in a funny way, it’s sort of alphabetical but I group together certain movies like Bond films, Marvel Movies, Hannibal Lecter films etc. Stuff that runs sequentially but isn’t grouped together alphabetically. I’d rather not have to delete my library settings and start again if possible?

You’re question is very specific to Kodi behaviour. OSMC has little bearing on such things. You will likely get a more relevant and timely response by asking this question on the Kodi forums. http://forum.kodi.tv

I shall do that. Thanks for the help. :+1:t2: