Export Remote Control Setting


I would like to export my remotecontrol settings from my VERO4+ and import to my daugthers raspberry pi running Kodi 18.9 Leia. She has also an original OSMC Remote Control.

Is that possible?

If you post logs from both devices, we can tell you if the receivers match and if this is possible.

Logs will also tell us if you’re on a newer version of OSMC with unified key mapping which would make this possible.

Hi Sam_nazarko,

Bit problemes by making logs for my raspberry. Hope these are the one your looking for



You’re using a different OS on the Pi, so the config isn’t directly transferrable. LE 10 should have improvements for the OSMC remotes, but these weren’t marged to LE 9.2.x

Did you customize your mapping on the Vero in any way or you just trying to get the mappings as they are with OSMC into your LE box? Those are not debug logs for the Vero so I can’t really see from that. If you just want our customizations then you can just add the following file into your LE boxes userdata/keymaps folder and that should get you working on that end (This file was designed to be cross platform)…

OSMC Remote keymap on Kodi’s Github

If you had made any other customizations then you may need to tweak it a bit to have those work under LE running Kodi v18. There is a comment section at the top of the file I linked to that gives the names of mapping as I believe they would show up in your second box. LE running Kodi v19 should map the exact same as OSMC as we submitted the same tweaks we are using to them.

Thank you for that. Did not any key customizations with my Vero. Just because Vero has a really good allocation to there remote buttons, is something I would like te have on my RPI as well.

I will copy osmc_remote.xml to my RPI see what happens. Results I will give later.

Just copied osmc_keymap from VERO4+ to RPI4+, and everything works great!
Thanks for that.

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