Express VPN - Open VPN on Vero 4K

Hi All, Total Newby to this so any help greatly appreciated. Purchased a Vero 4k after lots of reading and recommendations on many threads that this was the best plug and play and also supported box out there. My box arrived yesterday and after a easy set up and update I hit my first hurdle. I need to run Express VPN or another recommended VPN provider.Spent hours reading through the topics on here and on the net on how to do this. It has just made me more confused and especially after reading the latest update caused changes to this process. Would any kind person be able to write me down or refer me to a simple step by step process on what I have to do. Really looking forward to playing with this box and getting to understand OSMC and Linux better,

kind regards

As of the last update, the VPN tools are already included.

So you should be able to just google and install the Brian Hornsby VPN addon which will let you get up and running


Thanks Sam, will give it a go.

Installed the Brian Hornsby VPN addon onto a USB Thumbdrive and plugged it into the Vero4K. Found it in the zip files and kept opening it up but nothing. Reformatted the thumbdrive several times and redownloaded the zip file. Shows up on the computer when opening it up but not as much on the Vero 4K. A little lost on this, due to my computer skills? Any help greatly appreciated


Not sure what you mean by this. Did you go to settings -> Addons -> Insstall from ZIP?

Hello fzinken, Thanks for the reply. Pulling my hair out with this. Confirming that I went settings> Addons>Instal from ZIP. It shows the file, click on that and it shows more files, click on any of them and nothing. If I go out of there and look in file manager it shows a lot more in the ZIP file???

You’re not meant to extract the ZIP; just select it from Kodi.

Sorry for the frustrating questions but totally lost by what I’m missing. Followed all the prompts and steps on Brian’s page and guideline. Installed the zip program from his or the gift page onto the USB thumbdrive. Put thumbdrive into the Vero 4K . Opened up settings > add ons > install from Zip > clicked on thumbdrive> clicked on script.openvpn > clicked on resources> opens up images , language , lib. Can click on any of these and nothing? You say your not meant to extract the Zip just open it from Kodi? It may sound simple and yes the jokes on me but missing something simple here guys.

Thanks for clarifying.

I think your browser might have extracted it already.
On your PC when you put it on the stick, it should have been one file rather than a folder.

If you have another browser, trying downloading with that and copying the single ZIP file over.

Thanks Sam , will try that now. What should then happen when I plug the thumb drive into the Vero 4K. Do I go into the add on browser > instal from zip file?. Currently on the OSMC skin, that doesn’t make any difference does it?

Checked it again with another browser and it definitely coming up as a folder?

Yes, you just select install from ZIP file.

This is the exact link to the ZIP file:

Don’t open or extract it on your PC, just copy the ZIP file straight over.

Either follow @sam_nazarko advice or if you want to make live easy connect to the Vero with ssh (see and then execute wget

You then choose “home folder” after choosing “Install from ZIP”

That link worked thank you Sam, at least now I am showing Open VPN enabled in my program add ons. I then go into configure it shows the following
Open VPN Configuration
Import Open VPN Configuration File
Delete Open VPN Configuration File
Open VPN Settings
Open VPN /user/bin/open vpn
Management IP Address.
ManagementPort. 1337

Where to now? Thanks for your invaluable assistance so far. Greatly appreciated.

I think there are some presets to let you pick most providers.
Otherwise they should have an OpenVPN file on their website for the VPN you wish to use.

Here we are: How to Set Up OpenVPN on Linux Using the Terminal | ExpressVPN.

Just put the ovpn files on a USB stick I believe and select Import


Thanks Sam for all your help, Just letting you know that I have had a win with the VPN . Cheers and looking forward to playing with the VERO 4K now.

How did you get your username and password into the openvpn add on? I’ve got the add on installed and I’ve downloaded the slickvpn config file. (Not sure if I’m supposed to modify that file?) and imported it. When I click run it says ‘An error has occurred whilst trying to connect OpenVPN Unable to connect to OpenVPN management interface. Any ideas?

I feel like I should be modifying the config file with my username and password but not sure and don’t want to mess up the config file. There are no areas within the OpenVPN add on to add any credentials.



I think you need to add the following to the .ovpn file:

management localhost 1337

More details can be found here:

Thanks Tom.

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Hello Connect, Did you have a win with your VPN settings? The way I had success was after installing the Brian Hornsby Zip File for open VPN I then put on the Zomboided Addon and found Express VPN under them. Enter your username and password as directed. Works great. Sorry about the delay. Not on here often enough but such a great helpful forum. Good luck

Thank you sir! You saved me a massive headache. :slight_smile: