EXT4 Synology Share


I am connecting to my Synology share, which is formatted as EXT4, using SMB protocol. I was wondering if using this guide : Mounting network shares with autofs (alternative to fstab) would help me to:

  1. Remember the connection details, at the moment, every time the Vero is turned off, I have to re-enter the credentials
  2. Improve the speed of the connection? Some of the larger movie files do seem to buffer every so often.

I just wanted to check here first before I go down the wrong path.


Yes, but that should not happen even if using Kodi direct access.

Yes, while it also still depend on your network quality

Does this mean I am doing something wrong when I set up the access to the share?

I did test it a while ago and the results to the Synology were good. Might have to try it again, just to be sure.

Thanks for the quick response.

Might be, but my recommendation would be anyhow autofs.

Thank you


I have managed to get this to work using the instructions, but I cannot see any of the shares mounted on the Vero when connected to the TV.

Sorry for the silly question, but where do I see the share?

When I tried ls -lah /mnt// using Putty, this shows my share and all the files.

The command sudo systemctl status autofs says it is active (running)


To add the video source in kodi: you browse to the root file system, mnt and nameofshare.

Thanks Tom.

Thanks Tom

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