External drive corrupted?

I’ve noticed a bunch of movie files have disappeared from my external 8TB drive. Its ExFAT - and ironically I’ve been reading up on the topic about best format types and was planning to update it all, but it looks like I’m too late.
Anyway, I use a mac, and am currently attempting to recover any data using iBoysoft. Does anyone have any advice on how I may recover the missing folders and files? Any recommended programs etc…
Thanks for any input!

Honestly no idea here, but hoping others can help.
A number of filesystems have robust recovery utilities (albeit, they are not silver bullets), but I don’t know what exists for exFAT.

Sorry. No experience with Mac anymore (resold my last mac some years ago).
exfat comes mostly from the Windows world, so that’s where you should look for recovery tools IMHO

Thanks anyway - it was a long shot. Now need to sort out formatting on hard drives for going forward.

Ive used Disk Doctor on Mac but there’s a few things I’ve found:

1: Even if you can retrieve the lost files, for me they’ve always ended up with glitches.

2: I’ve found it to be quicker to just re-rip the media if you own it.

Its a good option for if you lose photos or sensitive data that you cannot retrieve from elsewhere.
Is the drive old/heavily used? If so its probably failing so you’ll probably face the same issue soon, replace the drive is my advice.

Thanks - it’s just movies luckily. But Annoying nevertheless.