External hard drives and library issue

I have 4 external hard drives plugged on the OSMC usb hub. All my hard drives are connected with their power supplies, typical installation. Everything worked fine and as expected until I add another external hard drive and all started to get unstable. So I removed it to get back to my previous setting but it didn’t work as expected. My hard drives disconnect and reconnect randomly and so on.
I checked all my cables and I changed my usb cables with no effect whatsoever so I did a new installation of OSMC on my Vero 4k.
And now, all my HDD are recognized and connected and I added their contents on Kodi’s library. Everything is ok until I remove my HDD from my Vero because when I plugged it all back, there is always one or two HDD that I have to add their contents again as Kodi seems to lost track of them even if it recognized them.
I don’t like the idea of keeping all my devices on so I really don’t know what is going on and what I’m supposed to do.
I have a lot of terabytes on those hard drives and that’s why I have chosen OSMC simply because it’s the best and the most perfect media center.
I have two Western Digital with 4 terabytes and two Seagate Hubs of 6 terabytes and I tested them on my Laptop and they are all ok.
Thanks for your help

Make sure that each drive has a unique label, that way they will always mount to the same path.

You can also force mounting them via fstab. An example from my system:

LABEL=Rutan /media/Rutan ext4 rw,user,auto, 0 0

if your drives are formatted NTFS, replace ext4 with ntfs of course.

Thank you for your advice!
My library is scanning now and it usually takes about 30 minutes to do so. Fact is, your suggestion makes a lot of sense and I’m a little bit disappointed of myself for having thought of anything but that. It seems that I’m still a newbie after all these years :joy:
I’ll be back after my library is scanned and after a couple of reboots.

Everything is working as expected! I renamed the label of one of my disk and it did the job.
Thank you bmillam for your help!

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Glad I was able to help :smiley: