External HD on Rasp Pi used to show on local network on Windows 7

Hi All,

Sorry to bother with such a NOOB question, but tried all day on this one. Before installing OSMC I had KODI and my external HD was connected to it and showed up on my local network drive. Now with OSMC I don’t see it on my local network drive and I cannot drag and drop files from my windows 7 pc to the external hd:

I just tried to paste the picture from my local drive, but that’s where it used to be. Any help to try to recreate this??? Thank you a million!

Install Samba server from APP store
Or if you just want to play files activate UPNP under services

It might be a Windows issue, since there was an update that made all my computers invisible on “network explorer”, try \osmc\ in the explorer. You should find the shares even if windows doesn’t find the osmc. That is if you got Samba installed on your OSMC.

Thank you guys! Just installing SAMBA did the trick! You guys rock!