External HDD formatting

Hi. I’d like to add an external HDD to my Vero 4K and, having already researched what I need to do on here (thanks btw) I just have a couple of questions. Should I format using exFAT as NTFS seems to be read-only on some Linux based devices. But then I’ve seen posts where people report NTFS as working OK. Should it be as simple as formatting it with a laptop and just plugging it into the Vero 4K?

I don’t plan on removing the HDD very often, if at all. It’s only 160Gb and I’ve got a powered enclosure for it. I want to read/write from and to it.


Then the recommendation has to be: use ext4. Choosing exFAT or NTFS is mainly for situations when you’re regularly swapping the disk between Linux and Windows systems.

The ntfs-3g driver supports both read and write on NTFS.

Yes. If your laptop is linux you will have no problem. Otherwise you will have to use the commandline on the vero or (easier) download a live CD of linux mint or ubuntu.

Eek, this got a bit more complex than I first thought! Thanks for the replies though. Laptop is WIndows 10.

You can format from the Vero4K using mkfs.ext4, mkfs.exfat or mkfs.ntfs, though I can’t claim ever to have used the last one.

The simple answer then is to format as ntfs on Win10.

And this will allow be to write to the HDD?


Thanks again to this wonderfully helpful forum! :+1: