External HDD Newbie Query

Hi all,

I’ve just signed up here and I’m very new to all this. I purchased a Vero 4K a few weeks ago which was recommended by a friend. I have it all set up in my home cinema and am ready to use it.

I know how to use the basics of a computer but not very good at all regarding downloads, files etc. I’m using a late 2011 Macbook pro.

I’ve downloaded a film which I have saved to a WD external HDD as a tester to try and get my head round how all this works!

Can I just simply plug my HDD in to the Vero and if so should the Vero automatically find it and the file where the film is?

Many thanks and apologies if this has already been asked.

Yes – it will be mounted under /media automatically.

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Yes it will automatically be mounted but generally you would need to add it as a source with a specific type to Kodi so that additional information can be downloaded and be displayed

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@tmp79 You may like to read this: [Wiki] Noobs guide to Kodi

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Thank you all for your replies and help. I have a lot of learning to do being new to this.