External players in OSMC

I am new to Vero 4K+.

Is it possible to integrate external players (e.g. VLC) into OSMC?
I could not find VLC or other players in the official repository.

Maybe I’m dumb, but why would you install another “media player” into a an OS that is optimized to play “most of the common formats” of media.

This isn’t possible with hardware acceleration.

Is there a specific reason you want to do this?


I am basically interested in whether this works. I read somewhere else that it should work in Kodi.

I have the Vero 4K+ brand new and I am testing it. One film file was already not played correctly. On my old Android box with another player (e.g. Movie Player, Nova Player, VLC), this film file was played correctly.

This is not the end of the world. As an emergency solution for certain files, I would find alternative players additionally not bad.

“Most” is not “all”.

That leads me to believe it might an older format, which those other players didn’t use hardware acceleration to play? Have tried to disable hardware acceleration? Settings->Player->Video

This file might be mpeg2 or 4, so try diable hw-acc. for those formats.

This is just guess work since I don’t know the file, a mediainfo report would help though.

We will play more formats than any other player on our device.

If something isn’t playing properly I’d suggest posting MediaInfo output so we can check why.