External SRT not always found

I use a Vero4K+ with a NAS Plex server (through PKC).
In my process, external SRT are usually fetched manually (with a computer) and copied in the correct directory using the same name as the movie file.
Sometimes, the VERO just doesn’t find it automatically; I have to navigate through the NAS directories down to the concerned movie and select the SRT manually.
I am not sure if it is related to Plex indexing, or a Vero matter.
I would be glad to have your insight and help.
Kind regards

I don’t really have any insight into this particular issue but I think I would probably find a movie that worked and one that didn’t and take a close look at exactly what is different to try to narrow down where the issue is. I would probably take a look at if embedded subs being present factored in as well as languages and a forced flag in the container.

Hard to say
I took a library with “seen movies” only (so they have been there for a while), and they all showed the subtitle.
It could be that my current problem is related to movies recently added to the library.

Also, I forced a metadata update of the same library (changing language preference), and I observed PKC on the VERO didn’t update by itself. Only after a restart did I get the massive update with the new metadata.

So, I wonder if the PKC add-on is correctly set-up: what settings do you use for (back ground) sync ?


You might be able to get eyes on this that are more familiar with PKC if you ask over on the Kodi forum


I ll try. However, when launching a movie, does the detection of the external SRT rely on PMS or on KODI ?

My personal knowledge of how PKC works is pretty limited but I think it depends on how you configured that add-on. Since your able to browse to find your srt I think this is Kodi that is handling this, but it gets further complicated by PKC as it may be pulling a link for a movie from the interwebs through Plex (even if the movie is on your LAN) or direct playing locally. AFAIK Plex doesn’t do anything but hard coded subs so it would only be when Kodi gets a local link to a file where it could look for an external sub in the same file path.