Extra Power Supply - VERO 4K

Hi, I am seeking an “OSMC approved” source, preferably USA location, that can sell an extra power supply for the Vero 4k. The one that came with my box is 5V, 2A and I am not sure how to “specify” the cylindrical plug shape. I looked on Amazon (etc) and found some that look like a match, but I do not want to brick my box.

{Why? Then I can relocate my box from room to room without having to also move HDMI, ethernet or power cables. Just unplug, move, and plug back in.}

Thanks in advance!

Short answer: 5V, 2A center positive, 5.5mm OD; 2.1mm ID

See Vero 4K Power adapter specifications - #8 by sam_nazarko

This ?

2 PACK, ZIUMIER AC to DC 5V 2A Regulated Power Supply Wall Adapter,5.5mm x 2.1mm Barrel Jack,10W Switching Transformer for TV Box Led Light Security Camera

Looks fitting from the physical dimensions

I hope it is OK to imagine something like

Time to Ditch 120V AC? How a Low-Voltage, DC-Powered Home Might Work
I also counted 12 plug-in-the-wall power supplies (wall warts): computer chargers, power supplies for phones, computer accessories, and other “low-power” gadgets. Then there is the modem, router, switch, and two WAPs.

@christappin @dillthedog @osmc_ful They should play with:

I don’t know why you felt compelled to bump a three year old topic with that but the answer is no and the reason is found in electricity 101. Low voltage DC has high losses when traveling over a distance. If you step that up to a middle ground with something like POE using 48v it becomes more viable than if you were trying to do 5v or 12v, but the energy loss is still relatively high and you increase the cost of the end devices that would require voltage regulation above the extent of what they already do. Tesla was right, Edison killed Topsy because he refused to admit the truth, the physics of how electricity works has not changed in the intervening century.

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let’s just say that we are always looking for ways to change rules of the Game. Pushing limits maybe?

  • The power adapters can overheat, melt and catch fire, posing burn and fire hazards.

  • CanoScan LiDE
    Scan confidently through a convenient USB Type-C connection. Simply plug into a PC or laptop and scan in seconds, without relying on a power outlet.

  • how to make a PoE adapter to power the ShieldTV? It’d just be one less cable I’d have to run, one less outlet on the power strip and it’d give some remote reboot ability.
    The proprietary plug means any commercial solution would have to come from nvidia. So we get to either beg from nvidia or were stuck making our own.

  • Do we know if the Switch is compatible with Power over Ethernet?
    You’re misusing the term Power over Ethernet, as has been pointed out before. Power over Ethernet was defined by IEEE in the 802.3 specs and refers to powering (as in providing current to) a device over an Ethernet port.
    $29.99 replacement for the AC Adapter included with each Nintendo Switch™ console.

  • AudioCodes IP Phones Series
    PoE or external power supply

  • bypass the installation of an additional electrical network to supply equipment, such as IP cameras, data points. Wifi access or terminals, network printers and IP telephones, in a computer network.

  • (ancient books are not) top choice for today’s overhead commercial and residential applications. To achieve the distribution of power supply, audio signal transmission, and control functions the Dante Ceiling Speaker PoE, 40W uses only a network cable, making it a very economical option with great energy savings.

  • Ethernet based smart light switches can be a great idea as long as you are ready to be an early adopter.

  • PoE LED lights use very low bandwidth and power which means that the patented GameChanger cable is UL verified to deliver 10 Mb/s up to 850 feet from the switch in the TR to the device or the node. If using a Star topology, the distance is determined by the voltage drop. (See the GameChanger voltage drop chart).