Factory reset

Hello all, long time lurker first time poster.

I’m a very happy owner of my Vero 4k+ and use it daily. However I’ve been away for two weeks and had a friend house sit. I’ve come back to a monstrosity on my Vero.

My custom layout and styling are now replaced with some horrid build. According to my friend I wasn’t using my “Kodi box” to its full potential…

Using some quick Google fu to factory reset I just delete the Kodi folder on the Vero, is that correct or is there something I should be wary of?

Cheers all

The easy attempt to fix would be to connect via SSH, and try clearing the kodi settings:

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
mv .kodi .kodi.save
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

That will reset Kodi to default settings, but not OSMC. If your friend (I assume ex-friend now?) messed with any OSMC settings that will be more difficult to recover from since you probably won’t know what he did.

So try renaming .kodi and see if that gets you back to normal. If he did more than just mess with Kodi settings then the quickest fix would be to re-install OSMC.

Which is explained here

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Great, it’s just a build he put on, the best/beast build?

God awful on the eyes.

Will rename the kodi directory later today and go from there thank you👍

Bookmarked as a backup, access to a pc/laptop is difficult for me. Never had the need for one really. But will use this method if the other one doesn’t work, thanks👍