Factory reset

Hi! I have a 4K and a 4K+ and I have just sold them. I have searched the forum, but just want to confirm if this is the easiest way to go for me to reset these two devices. Same procedure for both models?


It is the way to go to make sure they are completely back to stock. The procedure and image is exactly the same for both models.

Thanks…then I will download the installer.exe.

I see there is a disk image download also, what and why is that?

As alternative to the Installer if you want to use a different program to write the image to USB/SD Card.
also you can manually download an image and provide it to the installer

Ok, thanks alot!

There’s a file walkthrough_completed that’s written to emmc when the walkthrough runs on first boot. Strangely, it’s written when the walkthrough starts, not when it’s completed. So to give your new owners the first run experience, pull the plug as soon as the vero starts to re-boot after reimaging.

Thanks for the info