Fail to connect JBL headset via Bluetooth

Ok, here’s my problem, I’ve been using OSMC on my Raspberry Pi 3B for some years, without any real problem§.

Until I tried to connect my JLB headset through Bluetooth : altought it’s detected by the Raspberry, pairing (without a pin) keeps failing. I can’t figure why : I paired it to my Mac, and my Android phone. I use OSMC latest version.

Connecting it with a cable is out of the question, as the Raspberry is more than 10ft/3m away.

Any suggestion ? Thanks.

Did you install a2dp package?
Also as it is a Headset it might need for you to switch the sink, search for headset here.

Nope I didn’t, I wasn’t aware I ought to. Btw, I’ve no idea how to to do that… Can you point me into the right direction, please ?

You mean how to install a2dp package that is explained in that thread I linked above.

Changing the sink for the headset I suggested to you to search his forum for headset.
But if that is too complicated here is the link to a quite detailed advice.
But you only need to do this step if you don’t get sound after pairing and changing the audio output.

Ok, thanks for the advice. I’ll try it tonight and will post the result here. Have a nice day.

Hi !

So, I installed ad2dp.package. I could pair my headset right away, then I changed the audio output. I tried the 2 pulse audio option, but with no result :slight_smile:

  • first pulse audio option : no sound, plus jittery film playback
  • second audio option : no sound at all, but the movie was fine

I tried both with and without bluetooth dongle.

So, I guess I will have to change the sink as you advised. No time for that today, but I’ll let you know the results. Btw, what DOES sink mean in that instance ? English isn’t my natural language, so it seems rather weird.

Have a nice evening.

Sink means audio output.

Think of it like a kitchen or bathroom: Tap/Faucet being OSMC and a sink/basin being your headset.

There are also a lot of Input/Output terms already when it comes to Bluetooth and Audio so the Source/Sink terms make a little more sense sometimes.

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Thanks for the tip. Makes perfect sense once you get the picture.