Failed to boot - brand new vero 4K +

Hi Sam,

I received my vero today and plugged it in and got the failed to start all only the screen. See screenshots. How do I get this going, this is minutes old. Red light at the start of boot up and that goes out.



The screenshots do not appear to have been posted.

Its sound like a reinstall may help:

Regards Tom.

Thanks Tom,

Will try after the kids are asleep


Try what @Tom_Doyle suggested but maybe first post your screenshots that we can suggest better.

Screenshots reuploaded

Ok, reinstall may be the right step but maybe also @sam_nazarko want to comment based on your screenshots

Ok, this is brand new out of the box. Nothing modded just connected hdmi, network cable and power,


Me just being stupid, I had the impression that the os was already installed on the built in memory. Anyhow, installed setup on the SD card and installed OSMC. Now up and going
Thanks for the quick response to direct me to reinstall


No, it’s not you being stupid. Normally the OS is installed on the built in memory when you receive the box. And it is just finalizing the installation with your local input on first boot.
Which means something went wrong on your box. Maybe @sam_nazarko has a comment but anyhow as you are now up and running I goes all fine.

Glad to hear you are up and running now