Failed to install dependency requests

Hi guys, just playing around with my Vero 4k+, Ive installed the latest Leia build and im trying to install the psvue add-on but it fails to install the dependency ‘requests’.

Any ideas?

Edit: Same problem when trying to modify the home screen, it asks if I want to install the ‘Skin shortcuts’ add-on, I click yes but the installation fails.
Horrible feeling I’m missing something obvious.

It might be a bug with these addons or the Kodi repository. It’s worth contacting the maintainer of these addons to check


Weird…I normally avoid installing the repo as I get issues with the later versions of the add-on, and its in the Kodi official repo anyway, and the version that was failing installed fine, all dependencies installed.

Maybe it was just a temp glitch with the official repo but its all working now.

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