Failed to install new bootloader

Hi, I have a Raspberry Pi 3 with the second most recent version of OSMC. Previous updates were successful, but the newest one won’t install he bootloader without an error. I had overclocked my pi, and had removed those settings, but it still returns the error. Here’s the log:

Well your problem is here /boot is not mounted!.
It looks like you are using berryboot. If I remember correctly berryboot is not working well with osmc and therefore not recommended.

Is there a way to mount boot while keeping berryboot? I don’t like how limited NOOBS is, I don’t want to wipe everything if I find a new OS I want. Or is there another alternative I should look into?

Well it looks like OSMC under berryboot doesn’t have a fstab which would make this quite a tough issue.
As mentioned I don’t think this is a supported setup for OSMC

We don’t support BerryBoot.