Failed to ping

SSHed into pi successfully. Trying to ping or fails receive any response.

Through Kodi is able to carry out all of its tasks related to internet.

Is there any setting i am missing to enable internet on terminal??

Nothing in the default OSMC network config should cause this. You should be looking at something in your local network config. Have you tried rebooting your router?

Maybe grab-logs --ifconfig could be useful.

Router restart did not helped.

Ifconfig seems to okay. Even ping to router is happening fine.

I am bit suspicious about route table or some firewall may exists

There are no firewall rules installed by default on the OSMC. You can check with:

iptables -L

Since you can ping your router, it’s possible that the router is the problem. Can you ping from other devices on your wireless network? If so, then there might be a firewall rule in your router preventing the Pi from receiving the results of the ping.

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grab-logs --ifconfig
above command was successfully able to post data return me with following url

Even other command like wget are working, problem seems with ping only.

It’s possible that ping itself is the problem.

Can you run

ls -l /bin/busybox

You could also try:

traceroute -I

This should tell you where things are failing. The -I says to use the same method that ping uses (ICMP ECHO). The default for traceroute is UDP, which would likely get through.

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problem seems to be from my ISP, it is blocking ping. Even traceroute is not able pass beyond isp.

Please… instead of taxing the limited resources of our forum infrastructure, just copy paste your terminal output and use the </> tag to ensure proper readablility, instead of uploading all these screenshots…

Regular traceroute uses UDP and sets the TTL for the packet, along with a bit in the TCP header that requests an ICMP response from the host where TTL hits zero.

So, if your ISP is completely blocking ICMP, then even that will fail. Usually, ICMP responses aren’t blocked, as this can cause weird networking problems. But, some ISPs aren’t real bright.

Again, check from other machines. In Windows, traceroute is tracert. If other machines show the same results, it’s not OSMC.

noted :slight_smile:

What’s the ISP?