Failed to play video

I’m trying to troubleshoot a failure to play a video. I can play other videos without a problem and I can play the video in question directly on the machine that it’s located, but I can’t play in via osmc. Please help.

Device: Rasp Pi A
Installation media: SDcard
Connection: Wifi
Power Supply Type: usb
Power specs:
Peripherals: Wifi usb, keyboard usb
Storage Device UPNP server
OSMC version: June 2015 2015.06-1
XBMC version: 14.2
Codecs: defaults
Audio/Video Output: HDMI
Overclocked: High
Config.txt Extras:
LINK to uploaded logs in pastebin (must include COMPLETE Kodi debug log)

Kodi Log

19:38:06 T:2590053408 ERROR: ffmpeg[9A611420]: [mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2] error reading header 19:38:06 T:2590053408 ERROR: Open - Error, could not open file 19:38:06 T:2590053408 ERROR: OpenDemuxStream - Error creating demuxer

Not much we can do here - we can’t open the file. Probably some permissions issue with the uPnP server.
What is the server? Can you check permissions on the server for that file compared to other files that play?
Can you try playing the file from an NFS or SMB share?

Just in case it helps somebody, my problem ended up related to licensing. After purchasing & installing the MPEG and VC licenses from, everything works. On a side note, I also upgraded to a model 2 and am running a network cable instead of wi-fi.