Failed to start Connman connectivity service

Hi, I’ve been using OSMC on my Pi2 for a while and not had a problem but in the last couple of months out of the blue I keep getting the sad face when trying to boot up. After restarting a few times it does eventually load okay but if I need to restart for any reason I get the issue again.

Shortly before getting to the sad face it has a load of text for “starting” and “started” services but the one thing that fails to start is the Connman connectivity service.
Specifically it says:
Failed to start Connman connection service.
systemctl status connman.service’ for details.
Dependancy failed for Set Time using HTTP query.
Reached target Network
And then looks like it continues to start everything else.

Would this be the reason I get the sad face and if so, any ideas what I can do to fix it? Or do you think this could be a false lead since it continues to start other services.

I’m using an ethanet cable to connect to the router.


Please provide a complete set of logs.

Not accessed the logs before, could you let me know the directory and file name(s) of the logs I should supply.


To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. Please see for advice on how to help us.

Thanks for the link. Took me a while to get back in to the mediacenter to turn on the debug but did it, then restarted, got the error again and then somehow managed to get back in to the mediacenter again after a reboot to send the logs. Getting back into the mediacenter now seems to be pot luck.

Anyway, here is the log:

Thanks all for the help.

I ended up making a back up in My OSMC, then reinstalling OSMC and restoring the backup and so far it seems to be running okay again. Was quite a quick and painless process.