Failed to start Load Kernel Modules

On reboot, I get an error message saying it failed to start load kernel modules. Seems like everything else works, and it continues to boot. Should I be worried?

Here is my logs:

Please update your device again via My OSMC. This should resolve the issue. It could take an hour for this update to reach your mirror.


just update… got same error


I have the same error. Mirror which is solved for apt is

Error can be seen using:
$ systemctl status systemd-modules-load.service

Failed to find module ‘amlvideodri’
Failed to find module ‘meson-ir’

Does that help?

We have to wait for a new Vero4k kernel image.
Sorry, for the inconvenience.

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Cheers for letting us know. I have the same issue on Vero 4K, obviously, I reckon it’ll arrive eventually via the normal daily update check.

This should now be resolved – sorry about this.