Failing to start up

Vero4k failing to start up

When I turn power on I get a purple screen
Then the Blue OSMC starts up then everting dies

No red lights on the box after the blue osmc screen

Any idea?


If possible try a different powersupply or powering off an A to A usb cable.

Or you try a reinstall:

Thanks Tom.

The adapter I have is
tzh 503
5v 2a
The original that can with it

Looking on the vero site there power supply is

Stick with what I’ve got or go for the 2.5a?

Been working fine for 2 year


Either or, I think the 2.5a is for the vero4k+, as this draws slightly more power; but will work fine on the vero4k.

But if you need to purchase a psu or a cable to test, I would try a reinstall first.

@Boxster74 Sorry didn’t even look in the store, please ignore the strike through above and try a reinstall.

Thanks Tom.

The 5V 2.5A power supply is for Raspberry Pi, not Vero.

To me it just sounds like @Boxster74 just needs to reinstall OSMC.

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Cheers Sam I’ll give it a try in the morning

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Tried reinstalling as suggested.

Power on
Blue Osmc screen appears
Then powers down

Doesn’t have a chance to search for usb before shutting down

There is still power going to the vero as there is a light on the usb? But after the osmc start up page it just sits on a blank blue screen


Are you able to try the reinstall with a microsd card?

Thanks Tom.

Some photos would help us

Also a screenshot of the contents of your SD / USB so we can verify that you imaged it correctly.