Failure installing OSMC

Hi Guys. trying to install the OS on my PI B (I bought a bundle at Maplin).

As I run the setup, I struggle:

Language selection is incredibly slow. I can click down once, then I have to wait ~45s before I can click again.

In this super slow way, I’ve gotten as far as choosing a device name, but the KB (USB, plugged straight into the PI) loses power by this point.

I’m not sure if this is some kind of sleep mode , but it’s very frustrating. Any kind of help here would be greatly appreciated

That definitely sounds like a hardware problem. Either the power supply not up to the job or the SD Card at failure.

I’m powering via a usb cable plugged into the TV

Really bad idea, get a quality 5V/2A power supply e.g.

ok, I can try my mains-powered phone charger. why is usb from tv a bad idea?

  1. No guarantee that it provides more than the 0,5a that are defined in the USB specification.
  2. It may be not delivering power when the TV is switched off

Try the phone charger but even phone chargers are not working well with Raspberry as their voltage falls below 5V. Watch out for a rainbow square in the top right corner that indicates underpowering of the Raspberry.

Also as you SD card might already have become corrupted I suggest to start from scratch. Also is it a quality SD Card (e.g. Sandisk or Samsung)?

no rainbow icon. Power looks ok from checking off what you’ve said. the SD card is Maplin’s own, I wasn’t aware branded was better

Than try a clean install and see how well it goes.

I’m trying that now thank you

wow the difference is insane. I don’t have to wait 45s between each downclick

in fact it is now installed. who knew voltage was the answer (well you did)