Failure with HDD problem

My Vero 4k has (a few times now) been unresponsive to the point where I have to pull the plug. I’m not able to log in via SSH (it gets to the User prompt, sometimes, but usually times out before a successful login). Since I pull the plug it seems to corrupt the HDD. It boots into “Recovery” mode and I have to edit FSTAB, comment out the HDD line, then reboot. (This allows me to SSH into the box again). Then I have to run a disk check to fix journal entries before I can redo my fstab file.

A few questions:

  • Any idea what is happening that is causing my v4k to become unresponsive?
  • Is there a better solution to the hard reboot that would help eliminate the corrupted journal entries?
  • Is there a way that I can fix the startup script so that it boots to at least a network prompt, even if the FSTAB fails?

Could be one of the addon’s you installed. Suggest to try with a clean .kodi folder and see if it is than stable. If not that you know it is not addon.

Not really if you even can access it by SSH

  1. Why don’t you use the OSMC automounting feature?
  2. If you still insists on using fstab I suggest to use x-systemd.automount
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Your system should not be hanging that bad where you can’t ssh in. So if it is you’ve got something nasty eating up CPU cycles.

First I would suggest to remove all banned addons. Second, for a test I’d get rid of all the torrent addons as those are resource heavy. Once your system is stable, then you can start slowly adding things back in until you see problems again. Then you will know what is causing the hangs.

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I saw the add on stuff when I looked at the log. I don’t use those add-ons anymore anyway, so I might as well nuke them.

Regarding the OSMC automounting feature, will that share the drive out so that other Kodi boxes can access the drive?


I thought this problem resolved, as I had not experienced it for a few months. I even put my add-ons back and things worked fine.

Last night the problem happened again, and I think I’m narrowing down a root cause. This issue appears at the moment to only happen when I pause a video for an extended duration. We haven’t watched any media on the V4k in a while but did last night, pausing West Wing after we finished our dinner. V4K was totally frozen by 10:00 pm. Is video pause even a remote possibility?

Latest Logs:

This line was the best I could find in terms on an error, but it isn’t likely to be the cause as that is days before the issue. (Although probably should be resolved anyway if anyone knows what it is).
2019-05-29 22:37:01.208 T:3862934240 ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException)

Does it only happen for files on external storage?

Yes, but that is the only place I have files. :slight_smile:

Hmm… HDD possibly going into power save mode?

That’s what I suspect.

That tracks. I’ll try “stopping” as opposed to “pause” for a while and see if the issue resolves itself.

Is that just a limitation between a CPU and external HDD? Would it be possible to implement a more graceful shutdown of the paused video than a freeze?

I’ll do some more testing to confirm that this is the issue, but it sounds right.

Try using autofs.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll try that out on the Pi since it uses network.

The vero however is using a local USB drive. I don’t think this will help the freezing during HDD sleep mode for that device.

If it’s a local drive then I don’t think that AutoFs will help you.

Agreed. I’m not really worried about the drive going to sleep other than that it seems to freeze my OSMC / V4K when it does it. Simple to work around, I just have to use the stop button… but the new universal remote I have doesn’t have that working for Kodi yet. :roll_eyes:

You don’t seem to be on the latest version of OSMC.
Can you update again and see if the issue is resolved?