Faint red light, possibly at back of PCB

I’ve got the original Vero 4K and it has powered up but not been in use for a number of months.

When I plug in the power supply there is a permanent red light but much fainter than I remember the blue/red light when it was working. It doesn’t boot or show anything on HDMI.

Is this a sign the power supply has failed or is it the box itself? Don’t think I’ve got another 2A 5V power supply with barrel connector in the house to test it with.

The red light at the back of the box would be the optical port which should indeed be illuminated.

The red light on the front of the device shouldn’t be illuminated during normal operation.

It sounds like it is booting but you aren’t getting a picture. Try attach an Ethernet cable and see if it comes up on the network.

Thanks Sam. I should clarify - the red light is visible from the front plus symbol but very faint. As it is not very bright I thought it was coming from towards the back of the PCB but that assumption was wrong. I can now see via viewing from what I think are ventilation gaps on the side the red light is at the front.

The light comes on immediately after power is supplied and stays on permanently.

I also had Ethernet cable attached but it doesn’t show a connected light on switch (cable was switched over from another working device) and left it for at least 5 mins and it doesn’t come up on the network.

It could be the power supply. You could try a USB cable to power the device.

I’ve looked around the house and can’t find a USB cable with the same connector on both ends…

How much is a replacement power supply to deliver to UK and do you have any in stock?

We have these but stock is very low. I need to check availability tomorrow.

You can grab them here;


Thanks Sam, ordered

To close this out new power supply fixed it.

When power is applied a brighter red light comes on for split second then it changes to faint blue light which stays on. Boots up fine.