Fan controler

Im trying to create ventilation in my entertainment cabinet using computer fans. I was hopeing there was some way to use my Vero box as a fan controller with the ability to turn fans on/off based on temperature readings.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have heard you can do it with the rasberypi but dont have one of those.

Vero doesn’t have accessible gpio pins.
You could use any microcontroller in combination with an external temperature sensor though.

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Or a pt100 with a transistor and some passives maybe.

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Honestly, let the “Vero” be what it’s intended to be - a media player - and use something else to control your fans. For example, this ‘Arduino’ based design. For what you want, you could even forget the LCD display (unless you’d like that information) and build it all around a really small ATMEL MCU such as the “Tiny85” (use something like a DigiSpark).

Much easier, simpler, won’t invalidate your warranty, already designed for you, …

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling: