[Fan Only] predictions on arrival date

DISCLAIMER!!! This is NOT a request for information from the devs, just a thread for excited fans to discuss when they think the final version may be released.

Judging by Sam’s tweets of it arriving ‘very soon’ and the OSMC commits being mainly edits to the installer and most of the previous releases being on Sunday evenings, I think tomorrow may be the day!

EDIT: Mods please don’t lock this thread unless it descends into bickering or whining about promises etc. it’s exciting to make predictions!

Hi Harvs

We don’t lock any threads unless they go out of hand completely.

Only I know that information as to when it’s out I’m afraid.

Regardless, you won’t be disappointed. You have no need to issue a disclaimer: I’m eager for OSMC’s release so my friends can enjoy it as well!


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Haha, good news! I’ve just tried today’s version, although I had a crash (as I would expect from a WIP) I’m absolutely loving the UI!!

I’m checking the site daily, for the RC. I got the RPi2 a few weeks ago and besides it being my first Pi, OSMC is also my first exposure to Systemd and I have to say it is a great improvement to Linux. It is how I always thought a system should work.

Apart from Kodi I’ve also set it up with dnsmasq+dnscrypt to serve DNS and DHCP to my local network.

I wonder if “systemctl enable connman-wait-for-network” will be necessary to run for the next release or it’ll be default behavior. There are daemons that I only want to start after wlan0 is fully setup, supposedly After network-online.target.

Thank you for a great project.

This is actually intentional for those users with MySQL databases using Wifi.

Love your work Sam. Eagerly awaiting the RC (and my Vero!!)

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I agree! Very happy with Alpha 4 - very happy to wait for RC/final and Vero - but also looking forward to them! Many thanks :smile:

Me too, happy with Alpha 4. I am using confluence because addon shortcuts in OSMC don’t work. So I hope that will be corrected and I could switch to OSMC which looks nice.

As Linux user from early days (circa 1998) who didn’t use Linux for a number of years in between I have to agree. I was quite resistant to the changes in systemd at first (journalctl ? where is my /var/log/messages…) but after spending a lot of time with systemd doing dev work for OSMC it has really grown on me now, even though some of the finer details are not documented as well as they should be… :wink:

The intention is to add a GUI toggle in the OSMC network settings - once it’s decided exactly where to put it. (It applies to both Wifi and Wired so there isn’t currently a good place for it to sit)

I don’t think it will be enabled by default as it does slow down the boot process slightly (about 1-3 seconds on Wired, depending on how fast your DHCP server responds, sometimes quite a bit more on Wifi) and because most people won’t need it.

You don’t need it for mounting media shares from fstab because the x-systemd.automount fstab option mounts on first access not during boot - so it’s not until Kodi tries to access a file in a share that it actually mounts, and when that happens the automounter makes kodi wait until it can get a connection rather than timing out.

The only time it would really be needed is for those running a MySQL install with a remote MySQL server, or running some other custom network services as you’re describing.

With connman-wait-for-network.service enabled, any systemd service with After = network-online.target (including the mediacenter service that runs Kodi as of the next release) will be delayed until the network is really up, (or one minute has expired without the network connecting) It also delays any legacy LSB /etc/init.d/ services that declare a dependence on $network.

Btw it’s generally only necessary for clients that need network access to wait for the network to really come up - for most daemons running as servers - those that bind to INADDR_ANY, they can launch before Ethernet or Wifi is up and they will be able to receive connections after the network is up. Only if you try to bind to a specific interface or IP address in the daemon config does it need to wait for the network to be completely configured before launch.

I also started using Linux somewhere in the nineties. RedHat or Slackware, it came on a number of 3.5" disks and if lucky you didn’t get a sudden grinding noise and a CRC error while installing. I wanted it because my university used HP-UX and it made my box at home look like a cheap toy.

I also had a break from it as I didn’t have time for the endless tinkering on my main PC, but I’ve returned because now I have time for a hobby and OSMC on the Pi is a lot of fun. It works out of the box while still allowing you to fiddle.
I also got Mint installed in a VM on my PC, for fun.

Slackware 3.1 was my first I think, quite a while ago atleast :smile:
Still not used to systemd, but hell I was f’ed up since Slackware used BSD style and all the others like RH uses System V :wink:

I clearly remember installing and using Redhat 6.0 but that wasn’t released until April 1999, so it must have been one of the early 5.x releases that I first installed and later upgraded to 6.x.

I also used a version of Slackware at the same time (no idea of the version number, possibly 3.6 or 3.9 as they were the last based on a 2.0 kernel) as a project I was working on at the time was based on libc5 and a 2.0 kernel - and Redhat 6.0 used a 2.2 kernel and glibc 2.1 so I couldn’t build libc5 binaries under Redhat…

I was definitely in the System V / RPM camp in those days but my work on OSMC has brought me around to the Debian / systemd / APT side of the fence… :wink:

RC1 - Prediction: 17th March

Just for fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you want to make it interesting? Ten bucks to the one who hits the date? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I participate in this? Willing to go double or nothing for hour and minute too


I guess this should not cause problems in any way! Please place your bet before 9PM GMT today. :wink:

RC1 - 17th March
RC2 - 23 March
Final Release - 1st April. :wink:

My revised date is Friday 13th March

What’s your bet then @sam_nazarko