Fast ethernet vs usb 2.0

Just bought my Vero 2. It should get delivered soon can’t wait for it :slightly_smiling:
I am a bit sad that it does not come with gigabit ethernet or usb 3.0 but you can’t ask for everything :slightly_smiling: .
Anyways, I was wondering if you see a significant difference of speed between having an external HD plugged to the vero 2 and using a NAS and using the fast ethernet.
I know that ultimately a NAS allow to do more things. However, speed wise will I see any difference (will it sometimes lagg on USB 2 when it is actually not lagging on NAS).
Ultimately, I really don’t care what a NAS has to offer but I really want to be able to use it without any lagg because of read speed issues.
Finally, does anyone has a good recommendation for whichever is best for my use case (NAS vs external usb 2.0) that would be at least 2 TB (4 TB if NAS mirrored) and fast enough to play any movie format without lagging.

Either will be fast enough for your needs. There is more to go wrong with a NAS if you don’t set it up right and it is more expensive than a normal external drive but if you do set it up correctly a NAS does have some very useful features.

Good to know, thanks @jb2cool.
An alternative is just to use the vero as a NAS or just install NFS on it to use internally.
Do you have any advise on a good external hard drive that will be “fast enough” while being at least 2 TB?
As a side note, it might be nice that the website sell an external HD that is handy picked to be performant for the vero 2 while not being an overkill that would be useless since it goes through usb 2.0 anyways.

That’s sort of what I’ve done. I’ve added my Raspberry Pi running OSMC to my USB hard drive I had laying around and then by using the Samba server from the App Store I have turned this combination into a NAS that the other computers in the house can use.

No real recommendation. Mine was a cheap £10 USB enclosure partnered with a standard internal hard drive. Nothing fancy.

If you are concerned about speed, the one thing I would do is to ensure the hard drive is a 7200rpm drive rather than a 5400rpm drive.

Before you explore any USB Ethernet adapters, try the device’s on-board Ethernet. I doubt you’ll be in demand of higher speeds.

The decision to use Fast Ethernet (100Mbit) over Gigabit (1000Mbit), was not made lightly. Unfortunately most consumers purchase switches that implement poor flow control, which can cause detrimental effects.


@sam_nazarko thank you for your answer.
However, I am not totally sure to get what you are saying.
Are you advising me to buy a 7.2k rpm ethernet external hard drive and to plug it to the vero?
This will mean that I will need a usb wifi dongle I guess.

I don’t quite get your question

If you plug in a hard disk and use the Ethernet, you won’t have any problems.

If you plug in a hard disk and use the internal WiFi you won’t have any issues either.


Aw silly me. I forgot the vero has internal wifi.
To conclude, you would advise using an external hard drive that has an ethernet output to plug it to the vero directly rather than getting usb 2.0.
I am just concerned because the last time I used a media center was about 3 years ago with a raspberry pi 1 and openelec and I had two hard drive usb 2 plugged to it and it was kind slow :frowning:

Now I think I follow

You can plug a USB drive in directly and you shouldn’t get any issues