Faster access with Pi 2

I use OSMC with my Pi for mainly playing music and very occasionally watching films, everything is stored on a Samsung M3 1TB which is usb 3.0

when i scroll through my music albums and click on an album scanning media info comes up and sometimes takes a few seconds sometimes longer and sometimes its instant,

would i get a quicker smoother operation with the Pi 2?

would i get much of a noticeable difference overclocking my Pi B+ (not tried this yet as i have no heat sink or fans)

I’ve never seen a pi running that got hot enough to need fans or heatsink at any stable overclock.

Yes, the Pi2 would likely be a bit smoother and quicker.

I have that drive on a Pi2, and see the same ‘pause’ of a few seconds - in my case it’s caused by the drive spinning up from sleep mode.

ok thanks i might have a look at overclocking it then even a little bit more performance would be cool,

so if your browsing music files (i believe music files have a slower access time) and the M3 has already started spinning up do you still see any lag time?

i find it a little odd that when browsing and the harddrive is spinning i get random scanning media times anything from instant to 8/10 seconds

Size of the music library could be a factor here.

yeah i was kind of expecting the more i fill the hdd the slower things would get but that doesn’t seem to be the case ive add an extra 50gb fairly recently and if theres much difference ive not been able to notice it

No, the spin-up is a very rare thing and then it’s fine.
I vaguely remember messing about with ‘hdparm’ commands when I bought the disk to adjust power-saving settings, but don’t remember the details, and don’t know if OSMC overrides this.

I did find the gui a little slow on older Pi hardware, it always felt a bit of a compromise between cost & performance. The Pi2 is much more responsive, but my library only has 1600 audio files and 200 video files, so I don’t know what would happen if this increased dramatically.

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