Faster/Distributed Build

Hello. I am new to OSMC but had heard of XBMC way back. I couldn’t figure out how to build it from the Xbian Wiki so I came here. I really like the organisation of the build scripts. I got the mediacenter-osmc/ script working after removing mame2003. I also had to insert the ffmpeg path in xbmc/CMakeLists.txt. It took 7 hours on an old 8th Gen quad core Intel i7 @ 1800 MHz. Alas, I needed libcec6 and a few other sid dependencies. Estuary was missing buttons and windows so I had to revert it.

My question is, can we reduce the compile time with an SSH host? I know that I would be able to more quickly debug OSMC. Such a script might try to run a separate cmake on the addons ahead of time from another PC, RPI or Vero. I noticed an intermission about halfway through when the build pauses to allow the addons to download. I got the impression that the build time is roughly the same as cross compiling on the amd64 for the rbp3 or on the rbp3 directly. I am curious how other people are building mediacenter-osmc or if meanwhile they are planning their next feature to add.

That’s not correct — you should definitely build Kodi natively.


Thanks. I can confirm it takes 2 hours now. I added and to etc/hosts to help with the temporary dns resolution errors I’d been having on the Pi.

The script now builds the addons once and resumes from where it left off. I retract the request since now it recompiles only changed objects and is much faster.