Faster downloads and updates

The OSMC project is growing each month. An increasing userbase means we've more people downloading images and updating their existing installations each month.

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It would be great to get some more details about how the mirror distribution system works via ASN distribution.

The mirror director calculates a probabilistic weight for each file request. This is based on:

  • ASN, which is used to calculate a distance from the mirror, and provides a more refined estimate than GeoIP data alone.
  • A ‘score’ which is set by us. Currently this score is configured as the mirror’s upstream bandwidth.


Cool! Could you share more about the software used or where I could read up more about this? This could be something I could use for an upcoming project.


My guess it is this one GitHub - xbmc/mirrorbits: Mirrorbits is a geographical download redirector written in Go for distributing files efficiently across a set of mirrors.