Faster list scrolling

I have searched using all the key words I can think of and have found similar questions but they all seem to have the answer of ‘use the scroll bar’

My question is, is it possible to speed up the scrolling of lists when using the scroll bar?
I have well over 1000 movies on my NAS and scrolling one page at a time takes ages.
I know I can filter and search, but that can be cumbersome using the on-screen keyboard.



Using the right arrown key first you can have the selection by Letter

Movie beginning by A first then B etc ,

Thanks Yvan but I can’t get that to work.
When I press right arrow key on my remote it does the same as pressing left (i.e. brings up the options where you select filter, list type etc).

I should mention, I am running OSMC December update on a RPI 3B.

Strange… I am using that as well as on my vero 4k and a raspberry pi 2.

both running december updtate as well

did you map key to other functions ?

If I use the TV remote and press a number the list jumps to the (first movie that starts with the) corresponding letter.

If you got a keyboard connected, then shift+p moves to the first entry starting with a p, shift+b to the first entry begining with etc etc

On my system I just hold down page down key on keyboard; then it roll quickly page by page and indicates A, B, C when I enter these areas. I have 7000+ movies in my library (grouping on) :smiley:

Edit: Wrong picture :slight_smile:

Hi everyone thanks for replies so far.
I don’t have a keyboard connected and use my amp (Yamaha) remote via HDMI CEC as my Samsung tv does not have CEC. I’m not sure how to set different remote keys to different shortcuts but will look into it.

As @tanakaP said, on a remote that is directly connected to the device running Kodi, you can use the number keys to do SMS code, so 2 = ABC, 3 = DEF, etc. I don’t know if this works with a CEC remote, but you can try.

It will depend on the TV. My old Vizio did support the number keys via CEC. My new HiSense does not and my Yamaha amp does not. :frowning: I miss those keys.

Actually my Raspberry Pi is connected to a Yamaha amp and also my Sony TV and I’m using the TV remote to control Kodi. I don’t remember if I had to enable some extra option on the amp but CEC is working as if the Pi was directly connected to the TV. I can also control Kodi from an openhab installation with the Kodi binding and, through the openhab skill (with virtual switches, rules and routines), via voice commands on Alexa.