Faster remote response on the KODI library

Not sure this is possible or not, but going to use PLEX on the shield as a comparison.

Long press on the remote triggers a run up to full speed scrolling… it’ll do a few incremental speed changes then go flat out.

One of the nice features on PLEX on the Shield, is the long press seems to go to max on long press after a short delay causing a buttery smooth scroll effect rather than Kodi’s somewhat clunky steps.

Not sure if possible but anyone who has used the 2 systems will know what I mean. Hope i explained it properly!



Which remote are you using? You may be hitting a repeat filter


The one that uses the wee usb nub.

We deliberately throttle this remote to stop it from being ‘too fast’. Sometimes people ask us to change this. We might make this adjustable in the future. I made some changes a few months ago but there wasn’t enough feedback to make a decision.



On behalf of the entire community I hearby authorise this change to be made :slight_smile:

It certainly helps for skimming larger libraries. If you can put an adjustment in, then I think that would be very cool.

You know when your in list view you can arrow to the right and scroll by alphabet. Much faster

Sure, but the goal was to get it going with poster wall types.

That same process works for that as well